2005-2013 Saleen Mustang Eradispeed+1 Front Rotor


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2005-2013 Saleen Mustang Eradispeed+1 Front Rotor

Saleen Eradispeed+1 Front Rotor:
This system features brackets to relocated your factory caliper to allow the use of our 14" 2pc slot, drill, zinc plated directional rotors. The EradiSpeed+1 is a simple bolt on (no bleeding of the brakes required). By increasing rotors diameter, you increase torque and leverage of the brake. A very popular upgrade for customers increasing wheel diameter that want to improve braking, as well as a visual impact behind the open wheel. Furthermore, the directionally vaned structure helps to advance cooling efforts, and the 2pc design of aluminum hat bolted to rotor ring greatly reduces overall weight! *Does Not Fit GT500

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